This website is a compilation of ideals, dreams, stingingly accurate insight and of course tom foolery designed to provide more than a passing interest. It’s a culmination of years of toil, years of joy and years of apathy. The following introduction to the serves as a history of its creation and as an account of its manifestation.

In their younger days, co-founders Jimmy Knowles, Max Borella and JJ Singh sought to be small cogs in the world-saving machine. They came to Bolivia and fancied themselves as devoted Peace Corps volunteers, galvanizing the impoverished and inspiring the insipid. Little did they know that their impact would come via the Internet and an unwitting symbiosis between life and lane.

Jimmy Knowles, a pioneer of the bowling upstart in Bolivia in 2001 (heretofore known as The Estrike Movement), began the path towards his eminent destiny years ago in Florida where he earned above average accolades at AlleyKatz and Palm Lanes. His bowling appetite did not limit itself to the purview of a swampy marsh, but rather his yearning had an international flavour to it. To the Altiplano he brought his bowling and Internet savvy to this end.

Max Borella, a former stand-in for Sean Penn in his role as Jeff Spicoli, reached Bolivia with an unabridged index of facts for movies and early 80s rock. A registered Geologist, he needed a facade for his elaborate scheme to come to the Altiplano and carry out his dream of being in the Estrike Movement. He found a place in the movement using his wits and by being voted ‘Sketch Drunk Volunteer, 2002.’ To the Altiplano he brought his movie, rock and inebriated savvy to this end.

JJ Singh, a powerhouse of knowledge in 80s television with a known case of Star Wars turrets syndrome, arrived in Bolivia the latest of all three. As a bowler in high school he impetuously retired after seeing a 300 lb man in silk pants at the bowling alley. He came to Bolivia seeking a life of tranquil musings on a sweatshop-made hammock, but came to realize that his path lied on a different plane. To the Altiplano he brought laziness and pop-culture savvy to this end.

Three men with distinct passions, unified by the one thing that brings great men together: bowling. Through their common interest they laughed, sweat and schemed together. The end result they promised was more than a mere pipe dream.

On May 15th, 2003, a life-long dream came to fruition. The greatest Altiplano Website devoted to bowling was created. Its inception brought new hope to a populace in dire need of salvation. Its manifest ended a hopeless reign of hackneyed website ideas. Its culmination will invariably lead to unrequited mourn.

When one waxes philosophic, he can always look towards Thomas Jefferson for words of inspiration. In the early 1800s he once called the Declaration of Independence ‘an expression of the American mind.’ 200 years later a similar appraisal would not do this website justice; the commentary, the trivia and the provocative insight could only truly be described as… an expression of the Altiplano mind.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy.


Unfortunately, the Estrike Movement has seen the founders go their separate ways. Two-thirds of the triumvirate no longer live in the Bolivian altiplano and one will soon be departing. Fortunately the spirit of the movement and the essence of lives on. JJ, Max and Jimmy will forever be bowlers of the altiplano in their hearts.

This site will still exist, but will primarily document the musings and wanderings of Jimmy Knowles. is the new home of everything and anything that is JJ Singh. Please visit JJ's new home and especially the Realm of Singh.

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